About us


Nurturing and providing a human resource with the right skills, positive attitude and solid values on to the labour market.


To provide the most trusted and competent human resource in East Africa.

immersion labs

Right skills, positive attitude and solid values.


Creating Indispensable experiential expertise.

  • Identifying the most needed human skills on the labour market through conducting systematic research.
  • Organizing conferences to share labour market reports with all stakeholders.
  • Organizing and/or executing labour market clinics and workshops to coach prospective employees in labour market demands.
  • Collaborating with education institutions in order to train and provide the potential human resource needed by the labour market.
  • Organizing internship placement for students to acquire the much needed skills and values.
  • Conducting training workshops and practical sessions for fresh graduates to equip them with the right skills, attitudes and values that are appropriate in the labour market.
  • Conducting entry interviews for prospective employees on behalf of corporate and individual employers.
  • Sourcing and managing human resource for corporate and individual employers.
  • Providing head hunter services on behalf of employing organizations.
  • Recommending Immersion Labs stewards for employment opportunities.
  • Conducting independent on job assessment for employees on behalf of employers (aptitude and functional).